Port Tariffs

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The following are dues and charges in accordance to the authority Scale of Dues and Charges Regulations. The said tariff can be purchased for RM5.00 (excluding shipping cost) per booklet from Sabah Ports Sdn.Bhd.

PART I : Account Vessel

  • Wharfage
  • Minimum Wharfage Charge
  • Charge for Overstaying Alongside Wharf
  • General Port Charge
  • Charge for Passengers
  • Berthing or Unberthing
  • Stevedorage
  • Stevedorage for Palletized Cargo
  • Roll-on Roll-off Vessels Discharging or Loading Vehicles
  • Non-Tonnage Work
  • Additional Charges
  • Charges for Labour Ordered but not Utilized
  • Late Labour Fee
  • Labour Cancellation Fee
  • Charge for Repair to Damage Packages
  • Sorting Cargo
  • Fresh Water Supply
  • Telephones
  • Charge for Strapping Cargo onto Pallets
  • Charge for Supply of Pulling Guys

PART II : Account Shipper and Consignee

  • Handling Charges
  • Shut Out Cargo
  • Store Rent on Import/Export Cargo
  • Store Rent on Cargo Stored Without Approval
  • Store Rent on Cargo Stored in the open
  • Free Storage Period
  • Store Rent on Valuable Cargo
  • Reception/Delivery Outside Normal Working Hours
  • General Port Charge

PART III : General Services

  • Hire of Mechanical Equipment
  • Charges for Hire of Miscellaneous Equipment/Gear
  • Service Surveys
  • Cargo Measuring and Weighing
  • Rent os Space for Sorting etc
  • Issuance of Annual Pass and Renewal

PART IV : Container Charges

  • Handling Charges
  • Extra Movement Charges
  • Storage Charges
  • Shut-out Containers
  • Use of Authority's Yard for Unstuffing of FCL Cargo
  • Reefer Container Services
  • Container Cleaning Services